College Review: Government Law College, Mumbai




The Government Law College, Mumbai, founded in 1855, is the oldest law school in Asia and the most distinguished law school in India. Well, this is not the only reason why I proudly call GLC as ‘My College’. This is the view of the people outside GLC but as a student studying in this college. Probably describing my college or writing a ‘review’ about it is not something that I can or should actually do. Least which can be done is to describe my college for the readers. GLC is a perfect place for the legal mind to grow and develop just as a seed grows into a plant in a garden. It’s a place where there is no end to learning, no end to new opportunities and thus new challenges. Every opportunity here is worth taking. Not just that but there something special in this college that even students who might not participate much in the earlier years of their life will start to participate in every possible Debate, Moot or MUN. The college helps every individual to grow and develop into a lawyer from a student.

The various committees in the college help the students to explore a lot many aspects than just academics. Every student is a part of some or the other committee. The committees range from Moot Court Association, MUN, SPIL, Debating and literary society to Legal Aid, NSS, Social Service Scheme, Hindi Parishad, Sports Committee and so on. Each one plays an important role in the college. Then we have the Students Council which is the apex and constitutional body of the college.

GLC has a long list of legal luminaries as its Alumini and thus many come back and give guest lectures for all batches. This is truly an enriching experience. It’s always a dream of a law student to hear such living legends and GLC fulfils such dreams.  Not just the guest lectures but usual lectures too are worth attending. The part time and full time faculty perfectly play the role of moulding the minds of the student to enter the legal world which one of the lecturers described as ‘not at all a glamorous world’. Some of the lecturers are practicing advocates at Supreme Court or High Court while some are themselves the authors of books which the University has included in the syllabus. There is always a practical aspect in their teaching the theoretical subjects.

Well words will fall short to describe GLC. I would like to end by saying that GLC will play a very important role not just in moulding tomorrow’s lawyers and judges but also the legal industry as a whole as it has been doing over the years since 1855.



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